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In a substantial upgrade for Directlink Marketing, a professional A/V/L manufacturers' rep firm for the Rocky Mountain states, we transitioned their outdated site to a sophisticated, high-performance Webflow platform. The project leveraged our latest design systems and component libraries, including Finsweet's Client First and Relume, to deliver a seamless, user-friendly experience.
Directlink Marketing
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Project Details

Client: Directlink Marketing

Timeline: April 2024

Hours Invested: 100+


  • Webflow Site Development: Transitioned from an outdated and static website to a dynamic, CMS-driven Webflow site. The website was expanded tenfold in terms of content and functionality, utilizing Finsweet's Client First and Relume libraries to enhance site architecture and user interface.
  • Custom CMS Components: Engineered unique Webflow components that integrate seamlessly with multiple CMS collections, enabling dynamic content updates across the site. Notable components include a state-by-state slider showcasing local representatives and manufacturers, ensuring that Directlink Marketing's clients receive tailored information based on their location.
  • Manufacturer Dedicated Pages: Developed dedicated pages for each represented manufacturer, enriched with links to relevant news posts and projects. These pages serve as a comprehensive resource hub for Directlink's clients, significantly reducing the time previously spent on customer inquiries and information retrieval.
  • Enhanced Navigation: Implemented a secondary navigation bar on manufacturer pages, which dynamically adjusts to display only relevant sections, ensuring a user-friendly experience without broken links or redundant content.


  • Operational Efficiency: The new Webflow CMS enables Directlink Marketing's team to effortlessly update and manage their website, enhancing their responsiveness to market and client needs.
  • Client Engagement: Improved website functionality and user-friendly design have significantly boosted client satisfaction and interaction, providing easier access to essential information.
  • Scalability: The redesigned site now supports future growth and technological advancements, ensuring Directlink Marketing remains adaptable and competitive.

Outcomes: This comprehensive overhaul not only modernized Directlink Marketing's digital presence but also streamlined their operational processes, setting a new benchmark in how A/V/L representatives leverage technology to serve their clients and partners.


Based in the bustling Rocky Mountain region, Directlink Marketing serves as a pivotal manufacturers' representative for professional audio, video, and lighting industries. The company faced significant limitations with their previous website, which was not only outdated but also lacked the dynamic functionality needed to support their expansive product and client portfolio. Recognizing the need to elevate their online presence, Directlink Marketing partnered with us to harness the power of Webflow, aiming to transform their digital landscape to better serve their clients and manufacturers.


The primary goal of this project was to develop a high-performing, visually appealing, and highly functional website that aligns with Directlink Marketing's innovative approach in the A/V/L sector. Key objectives included:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Implement a user-friendly interface that enables easy navigation and access to comprehensive manufacturer and product information.
  • Dynamic Content Management: Develop a robust CMS that allows Directlink staff to easily update and manage content without technical assistance, ensuring the website remains current and resourceful.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Create a scalable website architecture that can grow with the company and adapt to changing market needs and technological advancements.
  • Integration of Custom Components: Utilize advanced Webflow capabilities to design bespoke components that enhance the functionality and interactivity of the website, such as the state-by-state representative slider and dedicated manufacturer pages.

By achieving these objectives, the project aims to solidify Directlink Marketing’s role as a leading resource in the A/V/L industry, ensuring they remain at the forefront of digital engagement and customer satisfaction.


  • Webflow Site Development: Rebuilt an outdated site into an expansive, CMS-driven Webflow platform using Finsweet's Client First and Relume frameworks.
  • Dynamic CMS Components: Developed custom Webflow components like a relational slider and secondary page navigation, powered by CMS for easy management and update by Directlink staff.
  • Manufacturer Pages: Created detailed CMS-driven pages for each manufacturer to streamline information access for authorized dealers, reducing their need to call or search extensively for information.


  • Operational Efficiency: The new CMS setup allows Directlink Marketing's team to manage their website's content effortlessly, fostering a proactive approach to updates and information dissemination without needing technical expertise.
  • Client Engagement: The intuitive design and enhanced functionality of the new website have significantly improved the ease of access to critical information, leading to increased client satisfaction and engagement.
  • Scalability: With a robust Webflow foundation, the website is now fully equipped to scale alongside Directlink Marketing’s growth, ready to incorporate additional features and integrations as needed.

Challenges Overcome

  • Time Constraints: Managed a rigorous timeline to expand the website roughly tenfold within a month.
  • Technical Complexity: Integrated multiple CMS collections to create dynamic components, such as a state-by-state representation slider and manufacturer-specific pages, without requiring backend knowledge for updates.


This project significantly refined Directlink Marketing's digital presence, ensuring they stand out in the competitive A/V/L industry landscape. The seamless integration of advanced Webflow features and custom CMS-driven components has set a new standard for their online operations, empowering them with the tools for future growth and client engagement.

Our experience working with this agency was exceptional. They delivered a stunning website that perfectly captured our brand's essence.

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