Cascade Plumbing's Digital Transformation

In a transformative project for Cascade Plumbing, we shifted from an outdated WordPress site to a sleek, high-performance Webflow platform, expanding their digital presence from a mere 2 pages to an expansive 13+ CMS-driven site. Alongside a refreshed brand identity and optimized SEO content, we implemented robust analytics and a monthly digital strategy retainer. This strategic overhaul, culminating in significant performance gains and enhanced digital engagement, marks a new chapter of growth and efficiency for Cascade Plumbing.
Cascade Plumbing
WordPress Migration + Webflow Design + SEO
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Project Details

Client: Cascade Plumbing
Timeline: November - January
Hours Invested: 100+

  • Webflow Site Development: Transitioned from an outdated WordPress to a dynamic, CMS-driven Webflow site, expanding from a mere 2 pages to over 13+ pages.
  • Brand Identity Redesign: Enhanced the logo and brand assets, fully optimized for digital use with Figma, ensuring brand consistency across all platforms.
  • Content Strategy: Leveraged AI for creating SEO-optimized content and imagery, significantly improving search engine visibility.
  • Analytics Integration: Implemented Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, and a custom analytics dashboard for real-time performance insights.
  • Ongoing Support: Established a monthly retainer for SEO, marketing strategies, and digital consulting to continuously drive growth.

Outcomes: The project drastically improved site performance and user engagement, setting a new benchmark in digital excellence for Cascade Plumbing.


Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Cascade Plumbing sought a fresh start after facing significant challenges around communication and timely updates with their previous design agency. In November, they partnered with us, targeting a complete digital overhaul by January.


The project focused on delivering a high-performing, scalable website that could adapt to Cascade Plumbing's growing needs, alongside establishing a robust digital marketing and analytics framework.


  • Website Re-Design: Transitioned from WordPress to Webflow, enhancing from a basic setup to a dynamic 13+ page CMS-driven site.
  • Brand and Asset Redesign: Updated branding materials, including a versatile logo design in Figma, ensuring consistency across all digital platforms.
  • Content and SEO Strategy: Developed and optimized website content using AI tools for image and copy, targeting improved search engine visibility.
  • Analytics and Performance Monitoring: Integrated Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, and a custom dashboard to track and analyze digital performance accurately.
  • Continuous Digital Support: Implemented a monthly retainer covering SEO, marketing, and digital strategy consulting to maintain and enhance online presence.


  • Performance Metrics: Dramatic improvements in site performance, with mobile scores soaring to 96 and desktop to 99 in Google's PageSpeed Insights.
  • First-Month Marketing Insights: Post-launch, Cascade Plumbing enjoyed increased ad impressions, lead generation, and a solid foundation for future digital initiatives.

Challenges Overcome

  • Agency Communication: Our responsive and collaborative approach resolved past communication issues, ensuring Cascade Plumbing's needs were met promptly and efficiently.
  • Project Timeline and Effort: Over 100 hours were dedicated to ensuring the project's success, from initial strategy to launch and beyond.


This project not only revolutionized Cascade Plumbing's online presence but also set a new standard for their digital marketing capabilities. With an eye-catching, high-performing website and a solid digital strategy, Cascade Plumbing is now well-positioned for growth and success in the digital realm.

Our experience working with this agency was exceptional. They delivered a stunning website that perfectly captured our brand's essence.

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