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In just 8 weeks, we developed a user-friendly mobile app for Coffee Co., a popular Austin coffee shop, enabling live music streaming in an innovative full-screen portrait mode. This case study highlights our agile response to user feedback, significantly improving engagement by aligning with modern viewing habits.
Coffee Co.
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Project Details

  • Client: Coffee Co. (Name changed for confidentiality)
  • Industry: Food and Beverage / Entertainment
  • Project Duration: 8 weeks
  • Team: Design and User Experience (DL/UX) team in collaboration with Gold Light Media
  • Tools and Technologies Used: Figma for design and prototyping


In the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, known for its rich music and coffee culture, Coffee Co. aimed to elevate the local ambiance by integrating technology with their passion for live music. The objective was to create an immersive and unforgettable live music experience for their customers.


  • To develop a mobile application capable of live streaming musicians performing at Coffee Co.
  • To ensure the app worked in harmony with Coffee Co.'s existing internet radio station, providing a comprehensive live music experience accessible anywhere.
  • To build an interactive platform within the app that encourages community engagement through comments, likes, and tags.


The solution was a concept mobile app, designed to be both simple and intuitive, enabling customers to:

  • Instantly access live streams of musical performances on their mobile devices.
  • Participate in the live music experience by interacting through comments, likes, and tagging, thus fostering a sense of community.
  • Seamlessly switch between the live video stream and Coffee Co.'s internet radio station for an uninterrupted musical journey.


The deployment of the concept mobile app achieved notable success, evidenced by:

  • Elevated customer experience, with users commending the app for its user-friendly interface and innovative approach to live music engagement.
  • A boost in Coffee Co.'s visibility and foot traffic, attributed to the unique live music streaming feature.
  • Enthusiastic feedback on the app's social functionalities, highlighting the app's role in strengthening the bond within Coffee Co.'s customer community.

Challenges Overcome

During the app's development, user feedback revealed dissatisfaction with the standard landscape video playback, which required multiple steps to achieve full-screen viewing: tapping the video window, tapping the fullscreen UI button, and rotating the device. This feedback indicated a misalignment with user expectations, shaped by popular platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, which favor portrait full-screen viewing.

Addressing this feedback, the team redesigned the app’s video streaming to default to portrait full-screen mode. This pivotal change enabled a more seamless viewing experience, aligning with modern user preferences and significantly enhancing user satisfaction and engagement with the live music streams.


The Coffee Co. project exemplifies the profound impact of user-centered design and agile responsiveness to feedback. By adapting the mobile app to meet user expectations for an intuitive and engaging live music experience, the project team not only resolved a key usability challenge but also set a new standard for digital innovation in the food and beverage industry. This case study highlights the importance of flexibility, user empathy, and the continuous pursuit of improvement in creating successful digital products.

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